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Olle Worm Compost Bin,worm composters for sale, worm composting system

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Our Worm Compost Bin comes in Olle's signature green and blends perfectly well within your garden beds and with the colors of nature.

Create impact with sustainable gardening.  Simply plant your worm bin 13" deep into your garden bed and feed it with food compost from your home and some worms. Your worm bin will be supplying rich nutrients to your crops in no time. Just sit back and relax while the worms do the work.


Worm Composter

Design With Purpose

Manufactured with fine craftsmanship and material. Designed to ensure proper ventilation and to keep your worms healthy. 
Worm Compost Bin


Olle's Worm Bin is compact and fits perfectly in your Olle Garden Beds. If one is not enough, there is space to fit two in most of our garden beds. 
worm composters for sale

Informative Labels 

Information about what you can and cannot to keep you informed is readily available on the worm bin as well as the kitchen composter.

 worm composting system

Olle's Worm Bin Includes: 

1 x Worm Compost Bin
1 x Kitchen Canister
1 x Jute Blanket
1 x Pair of Gloves

Worm Compost Bin,Olle's Worm Bin Includes

Worm Bin Dimensions:

worm bed