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Anti-corrosion Aluminum Support Rods-4 Pack

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Functional Purposes - Bracing rods are designed for reinforcement of Olle garden raised beds. Bracing rods can make the garden bed more stable,maintaining the original shape of the garden bed even after many years of use。

Thickened Material - Bracing rods made from aluminum, the rods are firm but lightweight and corrosion resistant. The metal support rod has an internal threaded design and can be easily fitted with the same bolts and washers included in the convex wake pack.


Configuration Options Size - The garden bed bracing rods are available in 4 sizes of 42, 51, 58 , 79 centimeter, and the rods that need to be put together can be connected through internal threads. Can be used for 24, 31.5, 40, 44 inch wideth garden bed.

Corrosion Resistant - The garden bed support rod is connected to the garden bed with 304 stainless steel screws, especially suitable for long-term contact with water and soil. Stainless steel connecting rob also prevents garden bed from being corroded and broken.

Easy Setup - Olle garden bed bracing rods can be easily assembled without additional tools,just 5-15 minutes can put the together. Four stable bars to enhance the stability of raised garden bed.

      Customer Review

      Not having to bend

      I love not having to bend over when planting or harvesting vegetables. They are also the ideal height for toddlers to steal some greens while playing outdoors.
       I love not having to bend over when planting or harvesting vegetables. olle garden beds