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Olle 4-Style Modular Weather-Resistant Galvanized Raised Garden Beds Kit, Sage Green

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Stronger Roots and Less Bending - Compared to most metal beds at 12 inch and 15 inch tall or less, Olle raised garden bed planter offers 17 inch tall which provides better drainage and root growth. It is perfect to plant deep-root fruits and vegetables like watermelon, sweet potato, pumpkin, and more. The 17” tall design requires less bending down and protect plants from rabbits, pets, and animals.

Customize Your Garden - OLLE's 4-in-1 modular kit means you can assemble 4 possible size and shape that fits your unique home garden space, the planter box comes with 8 corner panels and 4 long panels, choose your optimal configuration based on the layout of your gardening area.

CONFIGURATION OPTIONS Dimensions - Top Options: 96" x 24" (12 pcs), 60" x 60" (12 pcs). More options: 76" x 40" (12 pieces), 64" x 40" (10 pieces), 80" x 24" (10 pieces), 60" x 44" (10 pieces), 64" x 24" ( 8 pcs)..., ole metal garden bed fits any space in your garden. Designed for space efficiency and growing all vegetables, fruits and herbs as well as seasonal flowers.

◆EASY ASSEMBLY WITH SAFETY EDGE - Keeps the build process simple by aligning the corners and side panels. Put together your garden bed with bolts, nuts, washers (66 pieces) and the wrench tool we provide and the bed takes less than an hour to assemble. No tools are required. Rubber safety strips protect the elderly and children from sharp injuries.

◆DURABLE PREMIUM MATERIALS: Olle uses ASTM#1025 galvanized steel as its main material, which is four times stronger than the cheapest imitations on the market. Rust and corrosion protection is 2 to 7 times better than standard galvanized coatings, with a lifespan of up to 20 years.

Dimensions & Specs
Color:Sage Green/Cobalt Blue
Planter Form:Raised Bed
Indoor/Outdoor Usage:Outdoor



Q: Will the garden beds get too hot during the summer or in hot climates?

A: No, they won't for the following reasons:
1. The superior reflectivity of the material keeps most of the heat from ever passing through into the soil.
2. The bulk of the soil within the bed quickly absorbs and dissipates heat from the thin, but strong stainless steel edges.
Compared to the standard wooden, concrete, or plastic garden beds - especially if it is made from a darker color or material - Olle garden beds outperform in maintaining even and cool soil temperature.

Q: Where are the drainage holes in the garden bed?

A: The garden beds are bottomless which allows water to escape and removes the need to drill any drainage holes. By connecting the soil below the garden bed to the soil you add on top, you can build stronger soil resulting in a healthier garden.

Q. What does "12-in-1" modular design mean?

A: Olle’s unique 12-in-1 modular design means that same set of parts allows you to assemble them into 12 different shapes to fit your yard for a personalized effect, making your garden transformation as easy as putting together Lego blocks.

Q. Is Olle made of aluminium? Is it toxic?

A: Olle metal garden beds are not made of aluminum, as aluminum contains toxins that can contaminate soil and vegetables.
Each Olle metal garden bed is made of 0.6mm galvanized steel as the main material, with Aluzinc color coating on the surface for anti-corrosion as well as acid and alkali resistance. All materials have been tested by SGS. They are 100% safe and non-toxic so you can use it with confidence.

Q: Can we place stones at the bottom of the garden bed to increase drainage space?

A: Yes, you can, especially with the 32" tall Olle garden bed or in a garden bed located in a yard with poor drainage. Placing gravel at the bottom of the raised bed will help improve drainage and air circulation. As the soil settles and becomes compacted over time, the rock at the bottom of the bed provides space for excess water to drain away from the roots of the plants.

    Olle 4-Style Modular Weather-Resistant Galvanized Raised Garden Beds Kit, Sage Green

    4 Different Configurations

    Each bed comes with 8 corner panels and 4 long panels, allowing for customized assembly into 4 different dimensions.

    Customer Review

    Not having to bend

    I love not having to bend over when planting or harvesting vegetables. They are also the ideal height for toddlers to steal some greens while playing outdoors.
    olle garden beds