Raised Garden Beds Are the Best Choice for Backyards

Raised Garden Beds Are the Best Choice for Backyards

Even if you don't have much time for gardening, no matter how big your backyard is, you can still create a productive vegetable garden. As times have changed, many people have started living in smaller homes where gardening space is limited. The solution for these gardeners is to take advantage of raised garden beds, a shortcut to a good harvest, even in the first year. You don't need a large backyard these days, nor a lot of time and effort to create a successful garden.

Raised garden beds, also known as above-ground gardens or planting beds, are closed containers that sit above the ground, giving you more control over soil specifications and providing a comfortable gardening experience almost anywhere. Reduce bending and tension and bring a clean, modern style to your backyard. Whether you're looking for a new way to display your blooms or planning a serious vegetable garden, here are some raised garden bed options to inspire you as you embark on your gardening adventure.

Many reputable suppliers offer a variety of loft bed options, from aluminum corner kits to entire loft bed kits made from cedar, composite wood, recycled plastic, or galvanized steel. Many people are now considering extra beds or extra beds. Check out the VegoGarden Raised Bed here for easy, no-bend gardening.

Typically, loft beds come in a variety of heights, starting with 6 inches tall. In general, the deeper the soil depth available to plants, the healthier their roots will be. Available in 17" and 32" heights, VegoGarden offers plenty of room for all of your planting work, whether you're growing a variety of fruits and vegetables or beautiful flowers. Raised garden beds also contain more soil, which helps the bed retain moisture, which means less frequent watering.

There are no criteria when choosing a garden bed as they depend on available space, personal preference, budget and overall gardening goals. We recommend metal raised garden beds, which are very popular among gardening enthusiasts due to their sturdy, rust-free materials and modern industrial design.

forever raised bed

ForeverRaisedBeds from Gardener's Supply Company is a durable loft bed that can be installed in an hour and last for years. Made from a blend of recycled wood and plastic, they retain the attractive beauty of silver aged cedar without splitting or rotting. They are 10½ inches deep and can provide root space for salad greens, peppers, tomatoes and even potatoes.

The benefits of self-watering raised garden beds become apparent after a hot summer drought, especially if you live in a hot climate. Innovative gardeners will love the concept of self-watering planters suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Self-watering garden beds work by capillary action that funnels water to the roots of the plants, using a tube that connects to a reservoir, allowing you to easily replenish your water source. The prefab container has an indicator to alert you when the water supply is running low.

Self-watering planters are best for apartment dwellers who only have balconies or patios. They are available both prefab and as a kit. To use, simply fill the reservoir with water and it will distribute the necessary moisture to your plants. Pictured below is the Bird's Nest at Crescent Garden, which is a great addition to the balcony.

Double Raised Garden Bed

This side-by-side option is a great option for those with larger yardages. The simple design of this garden bed introduces a farmhouse style to your garden. Made from fir wood for durability, it includes a middle divider that helps keep your garden organized and lets you experiment with different varieties of plants on each side. You can grow flowers in one area and vegetables in another. The panels are pre-sanded and designed with dovetail joints that slide together easily for faster assembly. Image courtesy of HomeDepot, and you can find this bed on their website.

Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are deep rectangular planters supported on four legs. They are designed to keep small animals and pets from trampling on your garden. Because the height is adjustable, they are much taller than traditional garden beds, making them ideal for those with limited physical or mobility issues. Because the beds are raised from the ground, you don't have to dig deep to grow your garden. They can be placed on patios or decks to help brighten the space.

Portable Raised Garden Bed

Similar to raised garden beds, portable garden beds are mobile carts that you can roll using the included wheels. Because you can move them easily, you can rotate plants throughout the season so they get enough sunlight. Flowers and plants with shallow root systems tend to grow well in these beds because they are not as deep as traditional raised garden beds. The bed pictured includes a shelf where you can store gardening tools.

Modular Raised Garden Bed

With modular design, you can use your creativity to customize your raised garden bed to suit your needs and place it in the ideal place​​​ VegoGarden's Metal Raised Beds feature a modular design with flexible configuration options to fit any backyard or front yard space. Combining exceptional form and function, the Vego loft bed has many benefits that make it an attractive focal point for any backyard. Our beds are deeper than the usual raised garden beds, allowing you to set up your garden effortlessly, without digging or weeding. Plus, the all-inclusive kit is easy to assemble, saving you the time-consuming process of buying materials and assembling a DIY loft bed. Check out our 6-in-1, 9-in-1, 10-in-1 models, and our round beds for more information.

Specially shaped loft bed

VegoGarden offers the same modular and functional special collection of L and U beds if you want to add an unusual, unique element to your garden space. The L-shaped raised bed design is perfect for the corners of your yard. Arrange four kits to create eye-catching borders around focal points like fountains, statues or round beds. The U-shaped design provides a convenient wrap-around configuration, giving you easy access to more room for growing fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers. From the inside of the bed, you can easily reach all corners and be surrounded by your beautiful harvest.

Round Raised Garden Bed

A popular configuration is the round bed, which is popular among gardeners with limited space and recreational gardeners looking for elegance and ease of maintenance. Round garden beds are a great way to grow plants, especially flowers, by displaying them on an elegant raised platform. We have 42" round beds available in 17" and 32" heights, as well as a more petite herb garden collection. All of our garden beds come with custom heavy duty rubber edging to prevent injury.

A 42" round bed is an ideal size for small vegetable slices. The round shape makes seeding or planting very easy to start, and is perfect for an extended patio with herbs, onions, sliced ​​strawberries, and avocado trees.

Without a doubt, raised garden beds are perfect for gardening enthusiasts around the world, giving you the flexibility to grow plants anywhere. With minimal effort, you can quickly set up a raised garden bed and marvel at the resulting bountiful harvest.

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