Modular raised garden beds add green living to kindergarten

Modular raised garden beds add green living to kindergarten

In March in early spring, the grass grows and the warblers fly, and the chill of winter has not yet faded. Spring is coming to us with a green scent. Spring blows with green shoots on the branches and green grass on the grass. Motivate children.

March 12 is the annual Arbor Day. In order to let young children understand the relationship between trees and human existence, cultivate a love for plants and nature since childhood, actively participate in activities related to Arbor Day, experience the fun of labor, and feel beautification. The significance of the environment inspires our love for beautiful homes. Our city kindergarten decided to organize the children's Arbor Day to protect trees, and purchased 2,000 sets of modular raised garden beds from us.

A modular raised garden bed can be easily assembled by a kindergarten female teacher. Working together, two people can assemble a D-shaped modular raised garden bed in just 10 to 20 minutes.

Modular raised garden beds provide a more aesthetically pleasing environment for kindergartens and, due to the durability of modular raised garden beds, reduce maintenance for future staff.

This activity allows children to experience the beauty of nature, learn more about the growth of trees, and enhance environmental awareness and ecological awareness. Taking the March Arbor Day as an opportunity to carry out tree planting practice experience activities, everyone participates, publicity and practice are combined, so that children can experience the joy of success in the activities. Start from the side, start with small things, don't throw confetti, don't trample on flower beds, take care of every plant and tree, and do your best to beautify and purify the environment.

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