First container to ship new metal raised garden beds with fewer holes

First container to ship new metal raised garden beds with fewer holes

We are delighted that the first containers of new metal raised garden beds have shipped. We know we've put a lot of effort into improving our current metal raised garden beds with fewer holes. Maybe you think it's a small problem, but we want and make our products more perfect and always think about them in a consumer's way.

The customers of these metal raised garden beds are mostly women and housewives. The products are simple and easy to assemble. Of course, they are more popular. The traditional metal raised garden beds, such as a set of 17-inch 9-in-1, have 72 screw holes, which takes about 30 minutes. to complete the assembly, maybe it's not a lot of work, but for women, they may already have a headache, so we also often get some complaints that the assembly is difficult,

You may think this is a small problem, but our goal is to make a more perfect product through continuous improvement, so we started thinking, of course, need to modify the mold, to ensure the stability and symmetry of the metal raised garden bed and a neat appearance , which will eventually improve the metal raised garden beds after a smooth start-up. The new metal raised garden bed has only 48 screw holes, reducing assembly time by 30%. Of course the price of a new garden loft bed will drop a little.

We tested the same strength as the original, so we started introducing this new raised garden bed to our customers and they were delighted, we modified all the molds to reduce the screw holes. 32" is much less time.

In any case, we never give up any changes to make a raised garden bed perfect. This is our goal and a gardener's dream.

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