Create a raised garden bed with vegetables and brighten your life with creativity

Create a raised garden bed with vegetables and brighten your life with creativity

Vegetables, like flowers and plants, are essentially plants. Except for the main function, there is no difference! The imagination of vegetable gardens is very beautiful, and the operation is actually not that complicated, or even simpler: beautiful + practical = your own vegetable garden.

Many vegetable fields set in villa gardens seem to be very frank vegetable fields, and it is a very pleasant thing to design a vegetable-themed "vegetable garden" that can be enjoyed and picked for family consumption: in a beautiful In the visual enjoyment, people can enjoy the sense of achievement of the harvest.

Ezo green onions are a beautiful variety that any vegetable garden should not be without!

In fact, this kind of vegetable garden does not need to take up too much land. It will be very pleasant to be hundreds of square meters, tens of square meters, or even a few square meters. This is the feeling of a garden, which is different from traditional vegetable gardens and vegetable gardens. Come and share with us these beautiful vegetable garden design examples.

When designing a vegetable garden from a garden perspective, traditional planting arrangements can be put aside for a while, and try the visually powerful geometry.

Who said that when growing vegetables, you have to plant them horizontally and vertically? Take advantage of your garden's geography and discover new vegetable garden shapes!

This meandering planting looks pleasing to the eye, doesn't it?

Is this a square inch vegetable garden? The garden is not big, but the gardener divides the garden into several areas, supplemented by flowers and plants and vegetables, the garden feels instantly in it.

Gardens, gardens—must have flowers! The role of these marigolds and calendula is not only to embellish beauty, but more importantly, to help drive away some pests, because they will release a certain smell, and the pests will not come back!

The most famous and imposing vegetable garden is the Chateau de Villandry near the Loire Valley in France, which is full of the atmosphere and temperament of a French garden. You can try a design that mimics this element in a corner of your garden.

Raised beds for veggies and flowers are also symmetrical and look neat!

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