A raised bed, the perfect combination of garden and vegetable patch

A raised bed, the perfect combination of garden and vegetable patch

You have an unused yard in your home, and you want to build a garden, but you feel that you can’t plan or start, and you want to transform it into a vegetable garden, but you don’t think it’s beautiful. You can consider a planting bed, which can make your garden and vegetable field a perfect combination, ornamental and practical. Both are correct!

Planting ponds may sound unfamiliar and uncommon, but in fact, they are very popular abroad. Do-it-yourself planting ponds are also very simple. Now let's look down step by step, and you will see it!

First, choose an unused space. Depending on the size of the site, determine the shape and number of planting ponds. The owner of this garden wanted to make a U-shaped planting pond with a sense of design and easy operation.

What materials are used in the planting pond. It is not limited, wood, sleepers, stone, plastic, bricks can be used as the frame of the planting pool. In general, using wood is the easiest and most effective method.

It is important to plan well, determine the size of the planting space and planting pond, and calculate the length and height required for the side-cut wood.

Use a chainsaw to cut 10 large boards and 6 small boards according to the given dimensions.

Everything is ready, start assembling...  

Put wooden stakes at the four corners to fix the structure. Add the long side panels and attach the tails and stakes of the side panels together with nails or screws.

Putting some garden weed mats on the planting bed can greatly reduce the growth of weeds.

Fill the planting bed with soil, add some well-rotted organic fertilizer to the bottom of the bed, and top with nutrient-rich compost potting soil.

Plant vegetable seedlings, leaving appropriate spacing according to the space where the vegetables will grow.

After more than a month, the vegetables can grow and grow vigorously. From the kitchen to the vegetable garden, it is very close to pick and eat, fresh and delicious.

This allows horticultural enthusiasts to focus on soil modification, weed removal, and intensive vegetable cultivation on limited, manageable plots.

Let's take a look at other planting ponds, which may bring you more inspiration. The planting bed is not only beautiful, but also works for a long time without the back pain of tiredness. It can also be used to grow vegetables or flowers.

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